Portugal EFSI fights fires

Portugal EFSI: Putting out fires in the forests and the economy

Wave energy developed by Finnish diver Rauno Koivusaari

Wave Energy:  The diver who saw the power around him

Sustainable urban development means mobility projects like the Quito Metro

Sustainable Urban Development: Take the Quito Metro

Innovative power plant in Kiel gets EFSI funds

Innovative power plant: Heat and light with less CO2

Digital media is also local media in Sweden

Digital media: Lights, camera, EFSI

EIB impact data shows jobs and gdp

EIB impact: The story of a simple answer on GDP and jobs

Cyprus SMEs get EIB backing

Cyprus SMEs: The little village and the big bank

Poland urban renewal brings Planetarium to Lodz

Poland urban renewal: Former power plant gives Łódź energy

Portugal and the EIB

Portugal with the EIB: Infrastructure and confidence on the streets

The EU bank's response to the migration crisis

Migration crisis: How the EU bank is tackling the challenge

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